Monthly Archives: September 2013

Yelp Wordmap

In L.A. I found myself in a situation I’ve encountered before: Trying to find a place for dinner in a large and unfamiliar city. I want to experience the city, but preferably avoid the dodgy parts. It’s difficult to narrow down the options in a such a case. Luckily I’d seen a post on the Yelp engineering blog about their neat wordmap page, so I decided to turn there. Since it was approaching sunset I choose to look for places where people commented on the views, and found a few patches of density along the coast, about 20 minutes from our hotel:

The Yelp wordmap.

We headed down there and drove around until the sun set (the views were great!). Then we ended up eating at Fish Camp (which of course we vetted on Yelp first), and it was good.

Fish Camp.