About Frank

Hi, I’m Frank (resume, linkedin). I grew up in Ithaca, NY (mostly) and for undergrad I majored in Physics at Cornell University. I taught middle school science in Bronx, NY for two years before moving to Berkeley, CA to get a Ph.D in Biophysics. I write tips and tutorials on Data Science at Data Science Bytes, and on Software Engineering at Better Code Bytes. Outside of code and data I have an interest in photography.

Currently I’m working as a software engineer at Google. Previously I worked on query engines and scalable data platforms at AppDynamics (acquired by Cisco) and recommender systems and data science at Index (acquired by Stripe). Before starting at Index I finished a Ph.D. in Biophysics at UC Berkeley. My thesis research centered on the molecular motor dynein, a protein that moves cargoes within cells. I made use of recent developments in microscopy that allow researchers to observe and apply forces to individual molecules, which let us learn a lot about dynein that we couldn’t learn from looking at averages of many molecules. Data science and software were my favorite parts of my Ph.D. research and I’m excited to now be working in those areas full time.

You can contact me at frank at frankcleary dot com.